On a mission to responsibly build
machine learning predictive models.

MI².AI is a group of mathematicians and computer scientists who love to play with predictive models. We are spread between Warsaw University of Technology and University of Warsaw. Here we have workshops and seminars, here we are forging new ideas, creating tools, solving problems, doing consulting and sharing our positive attitude. Feel free to jump in.


Machine learning is like atomic energy. We develop leaders, skills, methods, tools and good practices so that predictive models can be deployed responsibly and sustainably.


MI² is a group of experts supporting global initiatives aimed at responsible and sustainable machine learning. We support the development of future leaders of responsible machine learning through internships, PhDs, postdoctoral fellowships and so on. We seek for research grants and business projects to conduct both scientific and applied research. We develop and maintain the software and infrastructure necessary to build responsible and sustainable ML. We develop cooperation with international teams working on similar topics. We support companies to implement best practices related to responsible modelling in their operation. We conduct workshops and training on responsible predictive modelling.